Cyber Security Issue at AHS Resolved


Jillian Katz, Staff Writer

On November 5th, 2022 there was a huge cyber security threat to the Albany City School District servers.

Luckily, the threat was caught on the same day and no serious damage occurred. There were many steps taken to ensure that all information and data were safe. To assess and repair possible damage the district shut down all school Chromebooks and computers. To ensure that nothing else was accessed, the WiFi networks were also shut down.

Because of the security breach, teachers and students had to make the abrupt shift to solely paper copy work, as the district ran checks on all digital resources. Quarter one grading was also extended a week.

After the district ensured that there was no danger, all information was safe, and no information was lost they started to reintegrate technology. To ensure digital safety all students and staff passwords were changed for logins.