Our Future Is In Danger: What We Can Do To Help


Courtesy of The Nest

Arianna Costello, Staff Writer

Everyone, everywhere can help make this world better and cleaner.  It is eminent that we should put a hold on the damage we are creating to our fragile planet before we can make it better.  First we stop the growth, then eliminate what has grown.

Such as how our prior generation fought to closed the Ozone layer, we can and we must fix this climate crisis. Everyone, every person, every generation can do something to help. People HAVE to change their behavior or we might suffer dire consequences.  Only the fittest and the ones that can adapt will survive.

Over the summer, 7 terrible events happened that drastically changed peoples lives:

  1. The Wests historic drought

  2. Hurricane Ida

  3. The Pacific Northeast heatwave

  4. Bootleg, Dixie, and Caldor fires

  5. Water shortage declared

  6. Tennessee flash flooding

  7. Hurricane Henri

5 Climate Change Facts to Scare You into Action by EarthDay.org:

  1. Within the next 2 decades, global temperatures are likely to rise 1.5 degrees Celsius.

  2. The last 7 years have been the warmest on record.

  3. More than 1 million species are at risk of extinction by climate change.

  4. Climate change is already happening, and it’s detrimental to human life.

  5. Many leaders still aren’t taking it seriously.

How can you make a difference?

  1. Save Water; for example, when you brush your teeth, the water doesn’t need to be on full blast, and when you’re not actively using it, turn it off.

  2. Use less Electricity; turn off lights when you’re not in the room, don’t keep lights on when you leave the house.  Choose more friendly options, maybe use solar panels.

  3. Avoid Plastic; buy a tote bag, or one of those Price Chopper bags and use it, for groceries, other shopping, takeout.

  4. Reduce gas; carpool when you can, use public transportation even, bike or walk places if they are a small distance away.  Buy an electric car if you can..

  5. VOTE! For a Greener planet, you can make a difference!

  6. Protest!  For our rights, for OUR Planet, Mother Earth that takes care of uf every day, that wakes up and provides us with light no matter what is happening in its body, protect our planet at all costs, because we will not get another one.

  7.  Use More Environmentally- Friendly Technology: something you might not know is laptops are more energy efficient, and therefore better for the environment than desktops, so use a laptop when you can!

  8. Stop littering! What you do DOES impact the environment around you, so make sure you make a positive impact.  Throw away your trash, put it in your pocket or bag until you get home, or find a trash can near you, but please do not resort to littering.

    But above all, speak out, petition, protest, and talk to your local government- you can make a difference.