Big Win For the Falcons!


Janikwa Hoke , Staff Writer

Three years! That’s how long the football team’s losing streak stretched, but the streak is no longer.

Saturday, October 29 2019, against Niskayuna the hard work, dedication, and perseverance was evident in the results of a big win for the Falcons!

This was a big game for the entire team but especially the seniors. It was their senior night, which meant their last time all playing on their field together. 

To prepare for such a big game, Quarterback Daniel Delaney said, “We had to practice hard all week ”.  Another member of the team Prince Rukundo said, “We tried to get as much done in practice as possible and the day before the game we watched film and mentally prepared for what’s next.” Both players describe their practices their preparation for the big game so that they get the best results on the field. 

Despite having a losing streak, the Falcons knew they could win this game since they were playing a team who were in the same boat. This definitely played a part in their performance on the field. Senior, Rahsier Chandler said, “We were both 0-8, and knowing this helped with our confidence going into the game.”

During the game, the Falcons unfortunately let their opponents score two touchdowns and two field goals before they did. It was a very slow start for the Falcons, as they had zero points and Niskuyuana had 14 by the beginning of the second quarter.

However, this didn’t stop the Falcons, and by the end of the second quarter Kquazay Dickens scored two touchdowns ending the half 12-14. Although, they were down at the half that didn’t stop the team from taking a lead and dominating the second half.

When asked how they felt at half time Delaney said, “When were down at half time, we were still positive because we knew what he had to do to come back.” Rukundo stated, “ When we were down we didn’t let it get to us, we just focused on changing the dynamic of the game by putting our heads in it and we reached the end result of winning the game.” 

Throughout the second half two more touchdowns were made by Kquazay Dickens and two more points came from Daniel Delaney with a two point conversion. The Falcons only allowed their opponents to score two extra points during the second half. This meant ending the game 26-16 with the Falcons having their very first win, not just all season but in the last three years! What a way to end a losing streak!