Peacock: NBC’s New Streaming Service


Hailey Krasnikov, Co-Editor-in-Chief

With new streaming services popping up to compete with Netflix, it’s no surprise that some shows get taken off that service. As companies decide to take their shows back some Netflix users will be sad to find out that some of their favorite shows are leaving the platform.

One of the new streaming services debuting in 2020 is Peacock- which is being created by NBC. NBC brought viewers some of the most iconic shows of all time, however most of them are on Netflix right now. The shows that will be leaving all other streaming services include, Friends, The Office, and Parks and Recreation.

NBC actually seems to have a special plan for The Office, with rumors of a reboot floating around the internet, and the cast’s holiday reunion which occurred in 2018. This reboot would pair nicely with the Saved by the Bell reboot- fans of these shows should be quite pleased with the service. Hopefully they are because NBC will need their contribution due to the amount of money they’re paying for all these shows.

It’s definitely a risk, but NBC could make a huge profit from Peacock. According to CNBC, NBC will be paying about $100 million every year for the next 5 years to maintain its exclusive rights to The Office. However, this show was reportedly the most watched show on Netflix in 2018, so it may be worth it. This show is supposed to be taken off of Netflix in 2021, although Peacock debuts in April 2020.

The Peacock situation will absolutely slow down business for Netflix, if not bring down the streaming service all together, but it’s too early to say what will come. The name Peacock is actually supposed to reflect on NBC’s logo, with its colorful “feathers”.

Overall, this is just the start of TV networks crafting new ways to get a bigger profit from their audiences. Those who use services like Netflix or Hulu will now face a choice, whether they want to remain loyal to the platform they have used for so long, or if they want to change platforms in order to have access to a different selection of shows. 

A bigger question people are starting to ask is: Is this the end of television as we know it? Will all TV networks turn into streaming services? Will streaming service packages begin to be offered by providers?

If we can’t decide which platform we really want to use as individuals, we will be spending a lot more money on our at-home entertainment.