What to Watch Next: Gilmore Girls


Hailey Krasnikov, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Fall is here. What does that mean? Cold weather, more hoodies, and more Netflix binge- watching. It also means that for seniors college application season is here, also known as being stressed for about 3 months.

As college application season comes upon us we all need some motivation, and even if you’re not applying to colleges soon then you’re probably already tired of schoolwork. 

The show we all need to watch right now is called “Glimore Girls”. It’s about a teenage girl named Rory and her mom, Lorelai as well as Rory’s dream of going to Harvard. She works endlessly hard to be the prime candidate for Harvard, and it will surely motivate you to crack open a textbook at least for a little while.

Nevertheless, if you don’t need motivation, or don’t want to follow her college story, then you should watch this show for its pure sarcasm. Rory and Lorelai continuously bounce sarcastic jokes off each other, especially over coffee at Luke’s. Luke’s is a whole other part of the show, but let’s just say Luke himself, is the definition of sarcasm. He is definitely an essential part of Rory’s life, and is like the father figure she has never had.

In addition, Rory is a wrong willed, independent, and determined young lady, and her mindset and decisions will never fail to either surprise you, or surprise you. However, she is a teenager, she experiences heartbreaks, complicated relationships, and just normal drama.

I recommend this show to anyone who is looking for a little motivation or if you enjoy pure sarcasm. The show has 7 seasons and can be streamed on Netflix, even if you already watched “Gilmore Girls”, I promise you it’s better the second time.