What’s New in Winter Sports


Janikwa Hoke, Staff Writer

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on athletes and it seems as though that will continue. The district has announced that as of right now, only low-rsk and moderate-risk sports are being permitted during this winter sports season. This consists of Boys’ Swimming and Diving, and Girls’ and Boys’ Bowling. Their season will begin November 30th, and is open to anyone and everyone. However this leaves out everyone invested in Boys’ Track, Boys’ Wrestling, Girls’ Track, Boys’ Basketball, and Girls’ Basketball with no answer as to when, or if their season will begin. 

Although there has been no word as to whether any of the teams, besides the boys swimming team and the bowling team will be playing this year, many athletes are staying hopeful. For example, various members of the Girls’ Basketball took it upon themselves to work on their game and have led their own workouts since it isn’t allowed by the school. On the other hand, there are others who aren’t as optimistic and are disappointed about possibly not having a season. Jason Harrison, a member of Varsity Boys’ Basketball says, “I understand why we don’t have a season and I do think everyone’s health is important however, a lot of us were looking forward to playing and it would be very disappointing if we aren’t able to.” Harrison, who is also a senior adds that, “This is my last year to play high school basketball, and I along with many other seniors would be very disappointed if there’s no season. ” I think Jason speaks for a lot of seniors as this would be their last time playing basketball with their teammates. 

The district hasn’t given any information as to whether or not sports that aren’t low-risk or moderate-risk sports will be permitted so, it’s just a waiting game for many athletes. However, with covid-19 cases rising it is difficult to imagine any other sports than the ones that have already been permitted to start.