Varsity Girls Soccer Secures the Win


Onovu Otitigbe-Dangerfield, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Albany Girls Soccer- a team that has unfortunately earned a reputation of a constant losing streak. For three straight years, the Albany Girls Soccer program has been subject to loss after loss from the teams in the Suburban Council. 

With scores mounting up to 10-0, 12-0, 11-0 from all teams all around the Capital Region, Tuesday October 27th was the change in the narrative of the soccer team Albany has been waiting for. 

Albany has been preparing for the game since the start of the season. October 27th was the game the girls knew they could win. The day before they prepared with intense shooting drills and defensive training to match the intensity of the game they were expecting. 

On Tuesday, tensions rose as the team grew higher and higher. To start the game Ingrid Colafati, Erika Bopp and Onovu Otitigbe made up the back three defensive players. Alison O’Connor and Annakate Sheean played the wings with Miriam Eligberg, Scarlett Carrerea and Say Lay Paw as center midfield. Tajanae Throne and Hseh Htoo were up top. 

The game began and immediately Albany was fueled for the win. The final score came out to be 10-0 Albany. The epitome of the phrase, how the tables have turned. 3 goals for Say Lay, Annakate with 2, Tajanae, Erika, Maya Campbell, Hseh, and Scarlett all one goal each.Yesterday marked the very first win for the Varsity Girls Soccer team in three years.

Head Coach Joshua Binfield said: “ The team was expecting a tough game against an opponent they tied once and lost once in the last two years. The team prepared the right way, and went above and beyond expectations. They pressed well, created alot of chanced and were clinical in front of the goal. I am very proud of all the girls, and I want them to continue in their hard work and strong mentality, win or lose.”

It was different being on the side of the winners, but what is beautiful about the Abany team is our realization that we knew what it was like to be on the side of the losers. On the success of the game, Maya Campbell relays: “We came focused,determined, and completed our mission successfully.”That experience gave the team humility to accept the win with joy, but cheer on the opponents with grace. 

The team has never been bad. Basing it only off the scores of course that assumption could be made. But in terms of sportsmanship, camaraderie, effort, and love of the game Albany always knew we were winners. But its nice having the rest of the world know it too.