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Opinion: A Response to “Closed Campus: A Study of Skipping at Subchunkin”

Jack Berry, Managing Editor

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An article released here a few weeks ago about Albany High School students skipping at “Subchunkin” has gone viral in our local community. The article shows that approximately 45 students visit Subchunkin every day, clustered around the lunch hours at Albany High.

Obviously skipping a class to go to a doughnut shop or a Chinese restaurant is a big problem, but not everyone who goes there is missing an academic class. In fact, most students likely head there during a lunch period or study hall, times when most kids would otherwise not be learning anything.

In the past, students were able to leave school during their lunch period and walk home to eat.  Is a trip to Subchunkin much different? Why can’t a student spend their money at a local business instead of buying the less than decent school food?

The people who visit Subchunkin regularly and miss many of their classes (such as the man who tweeted wanting to go there for 5 periods shown in the article) are people who probably would be wandering the halls instead of going to class. Subchunkin is just giving them a place to go that’s away from the people who actually want to learn.

What do the readers think? The Nest encourages each and every one of you to talk to your local school board and discuss solutions to the skipping problems and other issues you have with your school!

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Opinion: A Response to “Closed Campus: A Study of Skipping at Subchunkin”