First Presidential Debate 2020


Hailey Krasnikov, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The first presidential debate took place on September 29, in Cleveland, Ohio, it was between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and was moderated by Chris Wallace (Fox News).

This debate was somewhat entertaining but due to the constant interrupting that occurred, it has been reported that during the next debate that if the candidates attempt to interrupt each one their microphones will simply be cut. After Trump interrupted Biden the first time, there was a series of intense exchanges then the candidates simply continued to talk over each other, or cut off one and another over the course of the debate, so it is not surprising this change is being put into place. In order to have a proper debate the candidates have to present their claims and rebuttal fairly.

They talked about topics such as the Supreme Court, the economy, the COVID-19, and much more. Although their ideas are not being emphasized in this debate due to the chaos that occurred, the men seem to have for the most part very different views on these topics and both are very passionate about upholding their claims. 

The most intense topic was definitely the virus, Trump seems to credit himself for doing a wonderful job handling this pandemic, while Biden begs to differ and continues to point out Trump’s mistakes. He urged American voters not to allow Trump to stay in office for another term.

Biden also wants a national mask mandate while Trump disagrees with this. Moreover, Biden says we should listen to the scientists and not rush to open up the country, while Trump is pushing for a vaccine to be made faster and wants the country to open faster than scientists may recommend because he does not believe they are correct on this issue. In addition, Biden is not holding rallies at this time and wears a mask the majority of the time, when Trump seems to be doing the opposite, so it is safe to say they are following their own models in their daily lives.

Tensions are higher than ever in politics in many different ways and this chaotic debate did not help our nation settle down. Changes are being made this year, some for the better at least. However will the two candidates ever act civil towards each other?