Egg Crisis of 2023

Egg Crisis of 2023

Anadi Sarkar, Staff Writer

You may have been noticing the significant increase in the cost of eggs in your local grocery stores. You may have even seen people discussing Eggs on TikTok. As unusual as it may seem, the topic of discussion rooted from the concerning spread of the Avian Influenza, often referred to as the Bird Flu.

The cost of eggs has doubled from what it was prior to the egg crisis. According to the New York Times, as of December of 2022, the national cost of a dozen eggs is roughly $4.25. This is worrisome because, on average, an American eats around 278 eggs per year. And eggs are something that may need to be purchased multiple times a week depending on the household.

The Avian Flu alone has widely spread and has killed millions of birds throughout the country. The cost of weekly groceries is only increasing more due to inflation and now the Avian Flu. The outbreak really started around February of 2022. The last outbreak happened around 2015 where roughly 50 million birds died. And the current outbreak of 2022-2023 has had more than 52 million birds deceased.

Nonetheless, some sources, like the Wall Street Journal have data showing that the cases are starting to decrease in the past two months, sadly with chances of resurgence.