AI Text To Image


Photo from Midjourney / Benj Edwards

Ye Yint Hmine, Staff Writer

From the birth of humankind to Pablo Picasso, art has been a way to represent thoughts and feelings, to express ourselves. Today, as technology continues to rise far beyond what we as humans could have imagined, art is one of the many things that can be created by A.I. As shown by the Midjouney AI, made from text, it can create art from realism to abstract.

AI such as Midjourney requires a great extent of data. This could require up to 10,000 of data input. From this data, a neural network algorithm is used to create the quintessential output. A neural network is a web of the network where each node determines if something is true or false. Then, many layers of this were formed to output the best result. For the Midjourney AI, it analyses these hundreds to thousands of images and sees the accuracy of those images compared to the data given.

AI like Midjourney at an early age could somewhat give us quite accurate photos from our text. Does this mean an end for traditional art? The answer may depend on what your idea is about art. Most artists see this AI as how much technology improves, but others see it as a rivalry between humans and machines. In addition to this, this type of AI is dangerous in the wrong hand. For example, it could be used to create an image of something that’s not even real.

Some people in the field believe AI still needs improvement. In the future of these super intelligent A.I. programs there would still be differences between traditional and AI artists.