The History Of Homecoming


Jillian Katz, Staff Writer

In the thick of homecoming season one might find themselves interested in the event’s history. Homecoming started as a college tradition to celebrate the season’s first football game where many alumni would return to their Alma Maters. Many universities claim to have founded the tradition of a modern Homecoming including Baylor, Southwestern, Illinois, and Missouri, starting anywhere from 1909 to 1915.

Homecomings have many great traditions other than just the game, for example, a dance, a parade with floats for different school organizations, the homecoming court, and the marching band are often included in many schools. Tailgate parties are another popular tradition where students, alumni, and local businesses come to attend but also, celebrate the game. Often there are tents from local businesses with food, drinks, games, and even live music; at Albany High School, the jazz band plays at the tailgate party. Another popular tradition is the homecoming court, where the homecoming king and queen, who are often elected by the student body, are crowned by the previous year’s winner at the dance.

The last time Albany High School had a Homecoming celebration was in 2019, including a great spirit week, featuring a meme day, international day, professional day, and a falcon blue day. On the day of Homecoming, there was a hall of fame induction ceremony, a homecoming parade, game, and dance. This year will be the first homecoming in 3 years, and the spirit week themes were; character day, 90s/y2k day, culture day, and falcon blue day.

On Saturday the events are scheduled as following; the hall of fame induction ceremony starts at 9 am, the homecoming tailgate party at 10:30 am featuring the jazz band, the homecoming game against Niskayuna at 12:30 pm featuring the Chamber Choir singing the Star Spangled Banner, and the marching band. The dance is set to begin at 7 pm and go till 10 pm. It will be a night to remember.