Christopher Plummer: A Tribute


Sasha Roter, Staff Writer

On February 5th, 2021, the world faced a tremendous loss in the form of actor Christopher Plummer, who passed at the age of ninety-one. Plummer was best known for his role as Captain von Trapp in the 1965 film The Sound of Music, in which he portrayed a strict captain and cold father of seven thawed by the bright, musical spirit of his governess Maria. His co-star Julie Andrews mourns her old friend’s death as she expresses in an interview with PEOPLE magazine, “The world has lost a consummate actor today and I have lost a cherished friend. I treasure the memories of our work together and all the humor and fun we shared through the years. My heart and condolences go out to his lovely wife Elaine, and his daughter Amanda.”

Whether growing up with Plummer’s admired role in The Sound of Music, unknowingly listening to his voice acting as Charles Muntz within the 2009 film Up, or enjoying his roles later on within Star Trek or Knives Out, the actor touched the hearts of many throughout his career. His 2019 Knives Out co-star Chris Evans tweeted, “This is truly heartbreaking. What an unbelievable loss. Few careers have such longevity and impact.One of my favorite memories from Knives Out was playing piano together in the Thrombey house between set ups. He was a lovely man and a legendary talent.” 

Best known mainly for his movie roles, Plummer was also a Broadway star as well as a Shakespeare actor in plays such as King Lear, Macbeth, and Othello. The late Canadian actor remains one of the greatest thespians in our day, as according to theater critic Charles McNulty, Plummer found “divinity” in the words of Shakespeare. McNulty writes, “Shakespeare was Plummer’s tutor, and by the time I saw him in Jonathan Miller’s production of ‘King Lear’ at Lincoln Center, he was a master of his craft. On balance, he was probably the finest Lear of my theatergoing career. . . Artifice and naturalism were virtuosically fused in his performance. Magnificent literature — the true secret of his trade — showed Plummer the way.” 

A household name, and who will remain as such for many generations to come, Plummer was a noble and admired man and as such gifted the world with his art. He will be remembered for his awe-invoking talent, genius performance, and incredible legacy of which may inspire many budding actors in modern day. Therefore, may this extraordinary actor rest and peace and may we say “So Long, Farewell” to the beautiful life that beheld Christopher Plummer.