What to Watch in Quarantine: Grey’s Anatomy


Hailey Krasnikov, Co-Editor-in-Chief

16 seasons, medical mysteries, and tremendous heartbreaks. If you’re not thinking of the ABC show, “Grey’s Anatomy” then you definitely are not a dedicated Netflix binge-watcher. I admit I was hesitant to ever watch this medical drama, however I now call it one of my all-time favorite shows ever.

Grey’s Anatomy centers around doctors who just got out of medical school and started their residency at Seattle Grace Hospital. They are thrown into this world of chaos and have patients’ lives in their hands, which as you can imagine is very stressful. However, most of these patients don’t have normal illnesses, they are medical mysteries. This adds to the suspense of the show and definitely makes it more appealing to those who desire a future in medicine. 

This show also includes a variety of diverse, complex characters which makes everything a million times more interesting. Meredith Grey is invested in becoming a surgeon and seems to be naturally talented at it, although that is no surprise because her mother is a very famous surgeon and has changed the surgical world. Furthermore, Grey does not have the easiest time opening up to people because her mother was always distant, and her father left their family after their divorce, so of course Grey starts her internship with a loner mindset.

Meredith Grey might have the show named after her but she would be nothing without her fellow interns and future residents, Christina Yang, Izzie Stevens, George O’Malley, and Alex Karev. Yang is hard working and passionate about medicine, however this causes her to have trouble forming bonds with others, Stevens is constantly underestimated by others but her empathy and care for patients is unmatchable, O’Malley is very reliable and funny but he has trouble focusing on learning surgery, and Karev has a rough exterior but he’s truly a teddy bear later on. This group had some rocky patches in their friendship but came to have strong bonds, and were always there for each other. Their personalities and passions sometimes clash but these people even lived together at one point or another. 

Overall, I cannot describe the heartbreak you will feel when tragedy strikes any of the characters in Grey’s Anatomy, however I can promise you that you will grow strong emotional attachments to these characters. This show has intense plot twists and I would recommend it to anyone who likes any type of drama or has any interest in medicine, I promise there’s not that much blood involved.