End of School Year Updates


Hailey Krasnikov, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After all this chaos and coronavirus disrupting our school year seniors should be happy to know Governor Cuomo has approved outside graduations up to 150 people after June 26, that being said social distancing guidelines still apply to protect the health of the community. 

This means that Albany High School will be hosting an outdoor graduation on June 27 and June 28, although the details have not been confirmed, this news is already better than nothing. On June 16 and June 17, seniors may pick up their cap and gown orders, as well as Class of 2020 lawn signs or window signs. The schedule for pickup dates and times can be found on the district website.

Yearbooks have been delayed in their arrival due to the virus although students should receive notification when they do arrive, hopefully sooner than later.

Material drop-off has occurred this past week and if students have not turned in their sports equipment, textbooks, calculators, library books, etc they should either bring back these materials in the fall (excluding seniors, of course), or reach out to someone from the school to figure something out.

As school ends June 18, and junior and senior virtual award ceremonies take place June 17, it is safe to say the year is coming to the close and summer is right around the corner. Although these times seem to be unpredictable, I hope that everyone will find some type of enjoyment this summer and relax.