The Cancellation of Spring Sports


Janikwa Hoke, Staff Writer

Due to Covid-19, not only has school been cancelled for the year but so has all spring sports. The sports that would’ve taken place this spring are lacrosse, outdoor track and field, baseball, and softball. Initially when school first got closed on March 13th, we were set to presume in two weeks, and there was hope that these student-athletes would be able to play. However, as time went on and the date for us to go back to school continued to get pushed back, the spring sports unfortunately lost their season.

It is obvious that these sports were canceled for health reasons and it is what’s best for the well being of every athlete and their families. However, most of these athletes have waited the whole school year to be able to play, being that this is the last sport season of the year.

One athlete, Kariana Boston who is a sophomore and plays softball understands the precautions that are being taken. She states, “I am upset that us athletes aren’t being able to do what we love, but I am also okay with it because I want everyone to be safe and not get sick. I want everyone to stay safe but i also really want to be playing my sport and doing what i love.” Boston is one of the athletes that has come to terms with the decision of spring sports being canceled. However, other athletes are a little more angered by the situation, Which is very understandable considering a huge part of their school year has been taken away from them . Aliyah Moncur, another sophomore who plays softball expresses this as she says, “It’s unfair, I was looking forward to this season. I wish I could get better, working on skills, and playing with my friends in the nice weather.” 

Although this has been devastating for all the athletes who would’ve been playing this spring, it is most unfortunate for the seniors, as this would’ve been their last time stepping on the field with their team.

One senior lacrosse player, Jada Ruiz says, “the cancellation of the school year has greatly changed my perspective on what I believe the most important things in life are. Not having a senior night for lacrosse after several years of hard work was heartbreaking, not having a graduation ceremony after going through school my whole life was devastating. Yet this is not the end, this is not the greatest goal I’ve set for my life. There is much more to accomplish and life doesn’t end after high school, it only begins. Although this year was cut short, and it’s devastating, this isn’t the end for the class of 2020.”

I think Ruiz speaks for many seniors when she says this and sums up the emotions that are felt by many.