AP/IB Updates


Onovu Otitigbe-Dangerfield, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As they say in show business- the show must go on! And for students, so must the education. This article is to help everyone understand what is happening in the realm of academics as one more thing the pandemic has impacted. So let’s see what is going on with AP and IB Exams 

The College Board has decided that the AP Exams offered for this year will consist of 45 minute online free response exams that will be given from May 11-May 22. Each subject’s exam will be taken at the same time, worldwide so for NYS, that time is 2 P.M. Makeup dates will be offered June 1-5, and will be taken at the home of students. Colleges have agreed to accept the scores from these exams in the same way past years AP Exams were used for college credit.

 A big change to the exam is the fact that it is an open notebook exam, so students will be able to access resources physically and digitally. Students CANNOT communicate with peers, however these tests will only cover material up until the beginning of March. 

As far as cheating goes, the College Board is using software to detect cheating which if caught, could result in a loss of the opportunity to take any more College Board Exams, and notifying colleges of this action. They will also allow teachers of students taking the exam to look at the work submitted to ensure it is consistent with the work the student had been producing. 

Some say that this open notebook format is a leg up, but this means that the content tested will be based on extraction from material read and learned over the ability to recite it. And with such a limited amount of time, it will still be essential for students to understand their class content as opposed to using notes to answer every question, which will just waste time. 

As far as IB Exams go, the May 2020 Examinations will no longer be held. Instead, depending on what was registered for the student will be awarded a Diploma or Course Certificate that reflects their standard of work. Historical assessment data analysis from previous exams, individual school data and subject data will be considered. The IB will still be awarding diplomas and certificates this year, with results released by July 5th. 

Students will also be given the option to retake the exam in a future session, and grades will be based on a 1-7 scale.