Plastic Bags Banned In New York

Plastic Bags Banned In New York

Hailey Krasnikov, Co-Editor-in-Chief

You read that right, plastic bags are now banned in New York State stores. Now, I know this is quite a broad statement, and confusing so before you panic let me explain the specifics of it to you.

This law was passed to go into effect from March 1th, 2020. Why? In just New York City about 10 billion plastic bags are thrown away each year, and this harms the environment and many animals in it.

Yes, this means that all stores will not utilize plastic bags from here on out, however they will have paper bags available to consumers to use if they pay 5 cent fee. Although, stores are not required to do so, so sometimes paper bags may not be an option, and that is why it is recommended that consumers bring their own bags when they plan to make purchases.

There are exceptions to this ban relating to foods that require plastic bags that are messy or need to be wrapped properly, also pharmacies are allowed to use plastic bags when necessary for the prescription, and other essential things like garbage bags are exempt from this rule.

This new law may mean a bumpy adjustment to some, but it is nice to see precautions being set in order to protect our environment so future generations can enjoy it.

**Update: Due to the recent Covid Virus many stores, including Price Chopper, have started using disposable/plastic bags again in an effort to curb customers from bring materials from their homes and cars into stores. Stay tuned to for more updates as this story develops.