Harry & Meghan Renounce Their Royal Titles


Hailey Krasnikov, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The royals – no matter where you live in the world you probably know a few of their names. If you don’t here’s a tiny bit of context you will need to know; Queen Elizabeth II has a son named Charles who is the Prince of Wales, and he has two sons, William and Harry. Harry has married Meghan Markle and they have just welcomed a son named Archie and assumed the titles, His and Her Royal Highness.

Recently, Harry and Meghan have decided to renounce their royal titles and step back from the royal family, they claim that they want to handle their own finances and become more independent in that realm, although through all of this they will continue to support the Queen and after many conversations with her, they renounce their titles on good terms.

In other words, the couple will not receive public funding anymore, however they will now be able to make a private income off media and commercial work. Also, this does not mean that Harry and Meghan won’t attend royal functions, this just means that they will have less of a presence at them due to lack of royal duties.

Overall, this whole situation just means that Meghan, Harry, and Archie don’t represent the queen anymore, and don’t have the same duties as the rest of the family. They also can make their own income off private jobs, rather than relying on public funding to maintain their lavish lifestyle.

Who knows what the couple will take on to make an income, will Meghan take up acting again?