Albany High 2.0

Albany High 2.0

Onovu Otitigbe-Dangerfield, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Tuesday, February 25th, 2020 marked history for Albany High School. This fateful day marked the beginning of the rebirth of Albany High, creating a better learning environment for the current students and generations of Falcons to come. The half days we had before the break and on the returning Monday were all in preparation for what can be deemed the grand opening of Phase One of the renovation of Albany High. The teacher led tours and the assembly braced us for the new classrooms, new Promethean Panels, new lab stations and much more that I am sure pleasantly surprised the Albany High students.

There are three floors to the new building, each represented by an academy with the exception of citizenship. All of the classroom numbers begin with 2, to represent that it is the second building that is a part of Albany High. The next number indicates the floor the classroom is on. In my opinion, the design of the building is easy enough to follow where it is difficult to get lost.

However, it is expected that with the addition of a new space, new challenges will follow. Not all of my classes were moved to the new building, as was the case with many of my peers. Because of this I found myself traveling between the new and old buildings to be quite time consuming. But that is all part of the learning process and I am sure with time we will all be able to find the route that works best for everyone. There are two ways to get from the old building to the new one. There is the tunnel that is on the first floor where everyone enters in the morning, and then we have the gym. Entering from the gym puts everyone on the second floor, and entering from the tunnel on the first floor would put you on the first floor. From there the classes are pretty manageable to find as there is no longer any even and odd sides which I am sure all can attest is good news for everyone.

As the renovations continue to take place there will be more new experiences, good and bad. Until that day comes, let’s bask in the glory that Albany High is becoming.