Fugget About It…

Fugget About It...

Hailey Krasnikov, Co-Editor-in-Chief

“Fugget about it.”

What came to your mind when you read that phrase? Italians? Mobs? A Brooklyn accent? That phrase should remind you of your new favorite animated show! It’s not saying it’s as good as “Friends” but it sure come close.

“Fugget About It” falls in the same category as “Family Guy” and “American Dad”-so if you enjoy watching grown-up cartoons, you will definitely enjoy it. The story follows a former mob boss named Jimmy Falcone and his family. They were put in the Witness Protection Program after they got in some trouble with the mob, and had to move from New York to Canada. There may have been some murder involved…you’ll have to watch to see! 

This show is full of interesting, diverse characters, but their dynamic works perfectly! Jimmy might have been a mob boss, but now he works at a tourist company and spends most of his time at a desk. While he’s not too pleased about it and he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. His smart remarks always lighten the mood, and he knows how to get ANY job done when it comes to helping his family. 

Jimmy’s wife named Cookie can come up with some crazy ideas if need be. In addition, Jimmy has two daughters, Theresa and Gina, and one son, Peter. Theresa isn’t the sharpest tool in the tool box and she always gets her self into strange situations. Gina most definitely misses the mob life and she’s pretty young but don’t you dare underestimate her. As for Peter, he is unique,  and a tab bit nerdy. Last but not least, Jimmy’s uncle, Cheech is a character who probably needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut, because it seems to get him into trouble quite often, but his comments are definitely entertaining. 

As for the plot, each episode entails a different ridiculous problem and they’re pretty hilarious. The Falcone family definitely can have a good time, but they can also handle themselves.

Overall, if you’re looking for a show with some interesting characters and a good laugh, check out “Fugget About It”.

Editor’s note: this note is not intended for a younger audience and has some mature language, so watch at your own discretion.