Pep Rally: Take Two


Onovu Otitigbe-Dangerfield, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Friday, October 25th was take two for the Falcons, as we prepared to finally have the pep rally we couldn’t have two weeks ago, due to the unfortunate events of the lockdown. There was growing concern among the teachers regarding even holding a rally, because of safety risks. Although these concerns were valid, the pep rally was still held.

It began with the dismissal of students to the courtyard floor by floor. The sports teams gathered on the track, while everyone else gathered in their designated areas in the bleachers. The school did well to provide homeroom teachers with a paper regarding which space corresponded to which grade as well as an evacuation plan.

The rally began with each fall sport team running down the track into a plethora of cheerleaders screaming for the athletic falcons.

This was followed by the singing of the national anthem by Mr. Hoffman’s Troubadours and Albanettes. It was a twist on an ancient song that was pleasurable to the ears.

After that, the school prepared for a dance performance from the multicultural club. Holding flags to represent their diversity and unity the performance was a solid 10/10. It was obvious that a lot of work was put into the performance.

That was followed by another performance by the Dance Club to a variety of pop songs. Once again, an astounding performance. Junior, Sarah Tierney recanted the pep rally as “a good way to show the performances of the school.”

Finally, it was time for the Cheerleaders to do their thing. They proceeded to perform a routine that goes down in the books for the Falcons. All parties involved in the pep rally worked very hard on making sure the event was enjoyable.

This was followed by honoring the homecoming court, and students that demonstrated positive and commendable behavior. Senior Daniel Polydore says, “It was fun, I really liked the dancing and it was interesting. Last one, best one. ”

For Albany High, the second time was a charm.