People- We’re Just Like Plants

People- We're Just Like Plants

Hailey Krasnikov, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Over the years we are taught that plants and animals have many differences- but did you know there are also many similarities? Humans are definitely more animal-like, however we may have more things in common with plants than we thought.

As you may know, animals have four basic needs for survival- food, water, air, and shelter. Plants have four basic needs too- water, nutrients, sunlight, and air. 

Now of course when referring to the topic of air, all living things need oxygen, while plants need both oxygen and carbon dioxide. However, what most people don’t know is that animals, specifically humans need sunlight, just like plants do. 

You might be thinking – why is sunlight so important for humans.  It’s not just about just getting a tan, sunlight allows us to obtain Vitamin D. What’s so essential about this vitamin you ask? According to WebMD, symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency include; fatigue, muscle pain, bone and back pain, and much more. So if you’re experiencing these symptoms and don’t know why-it could be vitamin deficiency. 

According to the Vitamin D Council, approximately 1 billion people in the world have Vitamin D deficiency. It’s very common in places like New York, where we don’t get year-round sun. This is less common in places like California, where the sun shines daily.

This doesn’t mean that if you live in a place that doesn’t get a lot of sun that you’re stuck with a vitamin deficiency, and the problems that comes with. If you think you have some sort of vitamin deficiency you can go get a blood test, and if you do your doctor will prescribe you supplements. However, a lot of people are Vitamin D deficient and have no clue about it, so it is usually not a dire situation.

Vitamin D can also be found in foods like; cheese, eggs, milk, salmon, and yogurt. So if you live in a place like New York and don’t want to take supplements, you can always just eat more of those foods! This vitamin is also known as the vitamin linked to happiness, which is connected to the seasonal depression that some people experience in the winter. 

Overall, humans need sunlight just as much as plants do. So, in some weird way we have plant-like needs as well as our basic necessities for survival just like every other animal!