Climate Strike: 2019


Maura Mulholland, Managing Editor

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably heard about the climate strike that happened on Friday, September 20!

Millions of students and adults walked out of their schools and workplaces to protest governmental ineptitude surrounding the climate crisis. But what specifically are the protesters asking for? Who can bring this change? And what can the student body do to get involved?  

Here in Albany we have extensive access to all sorts of protests and radical movements because of our close proximity to the governor. If you want any kind of legislative change across the state of New York, the first place to go is New York City and the second place is the Capital.

Albany had a particularly significant turnout for the protest because of this. Our rally in front of the capitol building mirrored similar protests across the globe, all of which had the same goal: get governmental officials to recognize and act on the danger we’re facing as a result of global warming and its effects, and to get carbon emissions to half of what they currently are by 2025.  Legally enforced sustainability in the only way this can feasibly happen, and we need our global leaders to take action for the greater good. 

So how can you help? It seems difficult to access the political figures who control the fate of humanity. To get their attention directly through the media, we march. Participants and organizers are always appreciated and needed. Of course, there’s sustainable options for almost anything. Reusable straws and water bottles are good, yes, but they can be supplemented by shorter shower, picking up litter, and maybe a vegan meal once a week. If you’re feeling especially brave, write to or call your congressperson and demand action!

To learn more about future climate strikes in Albany, text “@albcs” to 81010 and follow “Albany Climate Strike” on their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook pages. Progress is progress, and no change is too small!