Why “Friends” Is Needed On Netflix


Hailey Krasnikov, Staff Writer

As many of you may know Friends was going to be taken off of Netflix in 2019, but thanks to the world of social media it’s here to stay for another year!

I, for one, rely on Friends for constant entertainment or even background noise so I could be lost without it. It cost Netflix $100 million to keep “Friends” on the streaming service. Here are five reasons why Netflix should keep the show!

  1. It’s a perfect binge

Friends has a total of 10 seasons and 236 episodes, making it a long lasting show to watch and invest in. It gives plenty of time to connect to each character, kind of hate them, and then accept their flaws. Plus, the longer a show or series runs, the less you grieve it ending. It had a really good run but it’s not meant to go on forever. Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying I won’t re-watch it a million times, for I love the plot and the characters.

  1.  Popularity

From the business side of things it was definitely a good investment for Netflix. People were really upset by the announcement of Friends being removed and it’s always best to listen to the people who are paying your bills. If Friends was taken off, some people would have switched streaming services, which could have put a dent in Netflix’s profits overall. People stream it plenty, which shows that it’s still relevant. Could this whole thing have been a publicity stunt? Twitter was fled with complaints and I would love to see the statistics of the people watching Friends during this chaotic time.

  1. Aesthetic

I overall love the setting of Friends. It paints New York City in a fun, homey  manner. If you don’t want to visit Central Perk (the coffee shop) then you must not have watched the show. The coffee shop seems so cozy and friendly but also quite lively; a lot of important conversations happen here nonetheless. Also, it’s impossible to deny Rachel’s style, which is very appropriate for her character. It makes me want to go back in time to the 90’s to wear these cute outfits, although some of the trends she wore are still relevant. Overall, this show provides a visual pleasant atmosphere and fashion inspiration.

  1. Life Goals

Friends definitely romanticizes life and it’s so interesting to watch for that aspect. They constantly meet up at this coffee house without officially planning on it, and just talk about everything; They have a close knit friend group that all live by each other; they go through ridiculous hi-jinx and support each other through the craziness of life. Some of the Friends gang also end up falling in love, which might sound cheesy, but it works pretty well. This show continues to give me hope for humanity and just the world in general.

  1. Who can’t relate? 

Of course the basis of this show is a group of friends in the city who are just trying to figure out their lives, and who isn’t trying to do that in real life? They have quite ridiculous relationship problems some of which can apply to daily life, other can’t but you never know what someone has experienced. The group of friends in this show share good times as well as bad times, without forgetting those completely insane moments when no one knows what they’re doing (if you know, you know). One way or another, we call relate to some aspect of the show!