Review: A Christmas Prince


Hailey Krasnikov, Staff Writer

Welcome all to my second Christmas movie review! Yes, I do have a deep love for Christmas movies, and everyone will just have to accept it.

Next up is a Netflix film called  “A Christmas Prince”. I know what you’re thinking; another clichéd love story, right? Well, I strongly disagree. Although a girl does fall in love with a prince, it’s actually full of drama and comedy.

The movie begins as Amber Moore, a determined journalist who is trying to find her big break, is sent off to the country of Aldovia to attend a press conference involving the rebellious Prince Richard. 

Richard is about to be crowned King after his father’s passing. This story could end up being a huge deal because Prince Richard is known as a total wild card, who took off after his father died to go soul searching. Aldovia has a set period in which there doesn’t has to be a king, however that period is ending and if Prince Richard doesn’t return no one knows what will happen. Now that’s what I call drama! Richard seems like an off-the-wall character to the public, but is that true?

Later on, Amber ended up posing as Princess Emily’s tutor to get more information on Richard because he did not show up to the conference. Emily is probably my favorite character in this movie: she has Spina Bifida, so most people see her as fragile, while in reality she’s very clever, daring, and mischievous. Amber develops a close relationship with her and in turn with Richard. This results in many heart-warming humorous scenes between the bunch. However, they have to get in to a little trouble and break royal codes.

Through this, Amber sees Richard’s true colors, although she finds out things that he didn’t even know about himself. I love this part of the plot because Amber has to decide between protecting Richard, a Prince with whom she’s falling in love, as well as protecting his family’s name, which she has become very close with, or her career, which has to do with her passion of journalism. Everyone likes to watch a moral dilemma unfold!

Overall, this is now one of my favorite Christmas movies. I honestly don’t know if it’s because of the moral dilemma or Emily – I’m telling you, what that kid does is quite entertaining. If you like a little bit of comedy intertwined with romance and TONS of family drama (along with some rule breaking, of course), then this is the movie for you!