Review: The Princess Switch


Hailey Krasnikov, Staff Writer

Attention, folks, Thanksgiving is officially out and Christmas is in! You know what that means: Christmas movies!

Although I’m going to be honest, I’ve been watching Christmas movies since the weekend before Thanksgiving… Yes I’m one of those people. Nevertheless, who doesn’t  love Christmas movies?

I’m sure you’ve rolled your eyes at my love of Christmas movies, so let’s get started discussing “The Princess Switch”. Sure, this sounds like a typical Disney movie, but it’s actually a Netflix original film. This film stars Vanessa Hudgens, who plays the lead role of both Stacy De Novo, your average baker from Chicago, and Lady Margaret, a Duchess who is about to marry a Prince.  I enjoyed this because it showed Hudgens in a more familiar but also very different light.

Stacy and Margaret end up switching lives for a couple days, and although it was a little chaotic, they end up enjoying it. Stacy’s favorite movie was “A Christmas Prince”- which is also on Netflix, and something I may have or may have not watched after this movie – and she got to live her fantasy, while Margaret got to fulfill her dream of living a normal life. This offered an entertaining outside perspective to both of their circumstances showing how foreign experience interact with one another.  All I can say is that some may view this movie as a romance, but I definitely see it as a comedy as well as a romance.

Challenges involving keeping their secret arise regularly because they are living with people who see them every day, suspicions do rise, does their secret come out? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Another small detail I enjoyed in this movie involves the royal life style of Lady Margaret, I thought the setting was beautiful and definitely perfect for the film because of it aiding the outsider perspective of Stacy being shown when she’s in Margaret’s place.

Although the ending is quite predictable and is heavy foreshadowed throughout the movie, I think how it took form was very surprising and dramatic because of the slight plot twist that took place because of the Prince’s mother. Overall  I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys romance, comedy, drama, and of course a Hallmark type of happy ending .