Why You Need to Watch: Riverdale


Hailey Krasnikov, Staff Writer

Riverdale is one of the most dramatic, action-filled, edge-of-your-seat shows currently on television.  Just starting it’s third season, Riverdale can be seen on the CW and the first two seasons can be binge-watched on Netflix.

Riverdale has all the elements a engaging show needs: romance, murder, gangs, social issues- and of course teenage drama. The show features Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead, a strange combination of friends who try to bring justice to the town of Riverdale, which has been experiencing a chaotic time as of late.

High school jock (and heir to a maple syrup empire) Jason Blossom has been found dead in questionable circumstances, leaving his twin sister, Cheryl, and the rest of his family in shambles. Rumors spread through Riverdale and everyone wonders what exactly happened that day.

The show kicks off when Veronica Lodge, a wealthy yet somewhat troubled girl, arrives in Riverdale and becomes friends with Betty Cooper, a kind and picture-perfect girl. Betty also has a crush on Archie Andrews, a football player who has decided to explore his possibilities in music. Archie has been friends with Jughead Jones for quite a while, but Jughead lives on the “South Side”- a part of town known to be filled with crime, a drug called “jingle jangle”, and the feared Serpents gang.

It’s hard not to enjoy the sheer twist and turns of the plot. It will leave you questioning every character’s intentions and wondering who will get backstabbed next. In addition, Riverdale touches on the social injustices in a divided community and stereotyping. Audiences have the chance to gain a new perspective on labels in society and just how much it could infect someone’s life. The issues surrounding this show help develop it into more than just a teenage drama, allowing it to be interesting for a broader target demographic.

I would recommend Riverdale to anyone who needs a show to binge watch and make conspiracy theories for, because I definitely have quite a few myself. Watch it to find out more about these complex characters, after all one can only stay sane for so long after experiencing all these traumas. What will become of the divided city of Riverdale? You’ll have to watch to find out!