Find Your Success This School Year

Mazin Chater, Staff Writer

Welcome back! The summer was enjoyable for all of us students, but whether you’re excited or agitated at the school year beginning, there are lots of things that can be done to ease your transition back. Where this upcoming year takes you is entirely up to your choices, so you want to ensure that you have both the necessary tools and the mindset for success. We all have our own specific means towards making our individual experiences better, but here are four general yet helpful tips to keep you focused throughout the year.

  1. Plan out your time – One of the most common pieces of advice given out to all students is to plan out your time, and for good reason. Our school agendas are great for just this – they have daily sections made to schedule out tasks to be completed. Listing the homework you have for each class can be helpful as you go through each individually, making it easier to order your time and ensuring you get everything done.
  2. Organize your work – You may not realize it, but being disorderly can affect your mentality and your grades tremendously. I’ve witnessed too many students whose book bags look more like a landfill, and that certainly isn’t the best way to approach school. Get color-coded folders; one for each class, and each labelled with their own distinctive name. This way, when you’re entering your math class for example, you know exactly which folder you’re taking out, making you ready for class to begin.
  3. Pay attention – Yes, I know this is the most cliche piece of advice, but it has an unbelievable level of truth to it. Attempt to avoid all outside distractions on your learning – that means your friends, your phone, daydreaming – it all counts. The more you find yourself avoiding unnecessary side-chat, phone notifications and dozing off, the more you will succeed. If you actually learn the material at hand, there won’t be any need to cram the night before a test.
  4. Evaluate yourself – After a certain period of time, maybe a day or a week, evaluate your successes and failures. What could you have done better? We all know our individual flaws, and aiming to rectify them is essential. Whether it be a bad test grade, sub-par attendance, or missing assignments, only you can ensure that failure is minimized. This one is simple: find your mistakes, fix them, and strive for future perfection.

If you take these pieces of advice with you throughout the entire school year, you will inevitably end up with success. Planning out your time, organizing your work, paying attention, and constant evaluation are all crucial towards a prosperous school year, so get out there, follow these steps, and achieve greatness!