Review: Insatiable

Review: Insatiable

Hailey Krasnikov, Staff Writer

“Insatiable” is a controversial new show on Netflix that questions the very foundation of satire in entertainment.

This new show is about a teenage girl named Patty, who used to be overweight but is now training to be a beauty queen. The plot centers around Patty’s return to school after obtaining a “new look”. Feeling like a completely different person, she was determined to keep her new image up for her peers.  

The show investigates “fat shaming” in a sarcastic way. However, some viewers have claimed that it is not proper satire and just offensive.  Watching the show carefully reveals the perfect use of satire, as the show exaggerates beauty standards and insatiable cravings for food in a clearly ridiculous way.

In addition, there were surprising relationships between some very confused people, which mostly didn’t include teenagers. Surprising, right? I’m not saying that there weren’t some ridiculous romances for Patty, though- her love interests included her own pageants trainer, Bob, her longtime crush Brick, and the mysterious new kid, Christian.

Although Patty is the main character, she’s not the only one with drama. There are affairs in more ways than one, as well as friendships standing their own test. “Insatiable” touches on LGBTQ+ struggles that teenagers may be facing, and there are also plenty of plot twists that get more unbelievable as the season goes on, with piles of lies.

If all of that isn’t enough to interest you, Patty is played by no one other than Debby Ryan. The former Disney Channel star not only played the role amazingly but she also has not stayed quiet through the controversy; she accepts the opinion of her viewers but defends the overall purpose of her show.

“Insatiable” just got renewed for season two. Patty is one interesting girl whose story is definitely worth watching.