Review: 13 Reasons Why


Hailey Krasnikov, Staff Writer

13 Reasons Why, one of the most controversial shows on Netflix, has now came out with a second season, and whether you love it or hate it you surely have watched at least a few of these episodes.

The new season consists of the trial  in which Hannah Baker’s mom challenges the school for their lack of support for students struggling with mental health. Hannah’s mom also knows about the tapes and struggles believing the events that happened to her daughter. In addition, the trial exposes realities about Hannah that are hard to hear for her mother. However, these elements create a suspenseful storyline which moves the season along.

That’s not the only angle that this season touched on; it highlighted Tyler’s mental health as well as Alex’s recovery, which were the cliffhangers of the previous season.  This shines a new light on the topic of mental health, dealing with recovery and warning signs of mental illness. This feels somewhat weird to watch sometimes due to you knowing something their parents do not while not being able to aid them, as well as worrying about their future actions.

Of course, this season wouldn’t be complete without Clay learning how to move on from Hannah, or at least attempting to do so. Clay’s feelings for Hannah appear stronger and more passionate in this season than ever before. His struggles with moving on allow the viewer to understand his actions much better than his parents seem to, which turns out to be a common theme here.

Overall, the blending of these elements creates a very intense, questioning, and unpredictable storyline. If you’re looking for a quick season or series to bingewatch I would definitely recommend this.

Although I must warn that episode thirteen has quite controversial, graphic content that had the internet shaken up. If you’re okay with a disturbing image or two, carry on watching. It consists of the use of guns and images of sexual abuse and bullying.

There hasn’t been much talk about a season three… who knows, was this season the death of “13 Reasons Why”? Has this caused too much controversy? Maybe is it to early in the release to determine anything.