Review: Bordertown


Hailey Krasnikov, Staff Writer

The Netflix show “Bordertown” is a hilarious take on present societal issues.

The show makes fun of cultural stereotypes, although this might be controversial and cause debates. However, there’s depth to it: Bordertown shows the truth beyond those stereotypes and proves them wrong. It encompasses Bud Buckwald, a border patrol agent who’s against changes in his neighborhood regarding ethnicity. While Bud may be a boarder patrol agent, he sure doesn’t think clearly, as you will see in his many attempts to catch his nemesis, El Coyote.

Meanwhile, another character Bud crosses paths with is Ernesto Gonzalez. Ernesto is Bud’s next door neighbor; he runs a landscaping business and is making a better living than Bud despite living in the United States less time than him. Bud perceives this as a threat to himself and his future, therefore he is quite rude to Ernesto and seems to always want to get him into trouble. However, Ernesto feels completely the opposite towards Bud, even giving him a job (that was temporary) in his time of need. The differences in their cultures create an interesting plot line for the show because of their different views on things. They eventually become friends after Bud’s daughter and Ernesto’s nephew develop feelings for each other and develop a relationship, the point when Bud began to overlook his prior judgements of Ernesto.

Later we find out Ernesto is not who we think he is, in one episode. Their friendship caused hilarious plans and moments between the Buckwald and Gonzalez families. The families are both comical in their own ways emphasizing the dysfunctional situations families possible will never face.

All together, “Bordertown” is a upbeat and riotous show which will lift your spirits, and I completely recommend watching it if you need a good laugh about the ridiculous stereotypes of the present day. However, one question still stands: is “Bordertown” getting a season two, or is this the end of road for the show?