Editorial: Has Donald Trump Fulfilled his Promises?


Wikimedia Commons

Mazin Chater, Staff Writer

Since his inauguration, Donald Trump has transformed the presidency into what seems for many to be reckless ignorance. But to what extent is this actually true?

As a candidate, Trump asserted his duty to the public to fulfill his promises, even creating catch phrases such as “Build the Wall” and “Drain the Swamp” in order to instill his policies towards voters. Whether you stand with or against Trump, there is no denying accomplishments and failures. Here are four of his most popular changes:

Healthcare – The first major loss for Trump was on healthcare. After repeatedly claiming to have Obamacare repealed and replaced, the President ultimately fell short. Multiple bills from the Republicans failed to get passed, even one that only repealed some parts of Obamacare. But who’s to blame? After the votes came short, Trump went to Twitter to unleash his anger – claiming the Republicans failed the American people, and that the filibuster rule must be ended in order to pass legislation. In the end, Trump’s leadership lacked, and the Republican Party failed to come together on a consensus.

Economy – A major thumbs up for the president can be undeniably viewed in the economy. Shortly after the election, the stock market soared exponentially. Ever since, economic conditions have not stopped, indicating a major shift towards a stable and more competitive future for Americans. Over a million new jobs have been added along with a significant rise in consumer confidence. This can largely be accredited to President Trump, who focused on getting major companies such as Foxconn and Carrier to strengthen the United States markets.

Immigration – Surprisingly, Trump’s immigration policies have softened since entering the Oval Office. Although illegal immigration has declined by over 61%, many promises concerning the border have failed to witness reality. The signature border wall, which ideally was a metaphor representing law and order, has still not been accounted for. Moreover, the recently controversial DACA propagation has presented the president’s shifty nature on immigration, with even his closest allies abandoning him. Trump advocated for passing the program through Congress, an act that would essentially give amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. Right-wing website Breitbart.com characterized the move as a “cave to the political establishment.”

Tax Reform – Although too early to call, the proposed tax reform bill by the GOP will likely pass through the leadership of the President. Some of the more noteworthy portions of the plan call for lower individual tax rates, lower corporate tax rates, and a simplification of the tax code. According to Alan Cole at the Tax Foundation, Trump’s tax plan would “reduce federal revenue by between $4.4 trillion and $5.9 trillion on a static basis” yet still “significantly reduce marginal rates and the cost of capital, which would lead to higher long-run levels of GDP, wages, and full-time equivalent jobs.” If successfully passed, a major win for the Trump administration will be added, and another promise will be fulfilled.

So, has Trump fulfilled his promises? The answer to this question is inherently subjective; yet signals both critics and supporters to take an objective look at what the president has truly done in his first nine months. Has Trump fulfilled all of his promises? Both groups will rush to respond in the negative, along with their own biases as to why. But it is undeniable that some of the campaign pledges have come true, and only pure ignorance can state on the contrary.