New Series In Town: Cleveland Hustles


Melpomeni Doutsis, Staff Writer

Cleveland Hustles is a brand new show where LeBron James is the executive producer and longtime friend, Maverick Carter hosts.

Cleveland Hustles centers around the chance to restore a hard-workingneighborhood and gives local entrepreneurs the chance to be successful in their start-up businesses.

The duo of Lebron and Maverick is meant to help small business, but all owners need to start somewhere and this is the reason the show is so interesting and entertaining.

The show opens with the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the 2016 NBA championship and the episode runs for sixty minutes. James looks into the camera and says, “Nothing is given. Everything is earned.” He establishes his work ethic and attempts to motivate all entrepreneurs by showing them they must work hard to find success.

Like any other contest, there are always someone to root for, but this show is bit different because some of the businesses are ready to move into a bigger arena. Two bagel makers facing off against a stylist, and a beekeeper taking on a couple who make leather bags. These are legit businesses that are working persistently to accomplish future success and they all have interesting backstories.

Cleveland Hustles premiered August 24, 2016, and the most viewed episode in the series has tallied 253,000 U.S viewers.

The show appeals to investors and fans of Shark Tank, The Apprentice, and The Profit. It takes the best parts of those shows and wraps it into something entirely new. Tune in for Cleveland Hustles every Wednesday at 10 pm on CNBC.