Time Is Money

Sayvanna Fabian, Managing Editor

The most important thing that freshmen in college need to know is time management. I definitely don’t want to gain that freshmen fifteen or damage my precious GPA, so to avoid it, I have discovered a few steps that will help the worst procrastinator succeed.

#1. Get a Calendar and use it!  Whether it’s the calendar on your phone, paper calendar or a dry erase board, this is one thing no freshman should go without.

#2. Write Down Everything.  Make sure to write everything in one place and keep it there. It will be more important, especially when your schedule gets busier.

#3. Relaxation.   Make sure to schedule time to relax. There is nothing worse than having a busy schedule and not having down time.

#4. Allow for flexibility and plan ahead.  Leave room for fun.  You may not have known that your roommates birthday is this week, so having a flexible schedule is important. Planning ahead is essential.  Make sure to work backwards in your calendar; form due dates in order to make sure you’ll have enough time to work thoroughly.

#5. Try New Systems  Trying new ways to keep on track is a good way to make sure you don’t lose track. This means that one month you can use your dorm calendar and the next month you can switch it up with your phone or agenda.


#6. Give yourself a treat.  Make sure you schedule a fun afternoon after big midterms or projects. Your brain will thank  you.  Keeping your brain on schedule and giving it space to rest is the most important when your starting school. If you follow these steps, your guaranteed gold.

Good Luck!  As many of us will experience the insanity of “freshman year”, we’re going to need it.