Is Social Media Wiggling Its Way into Your Classroom?


Jocelyn Daly, News Editor

In the twenty-first century, being literate not only includes reading and writing but knowing your way around the Internet. Social media has been a leery subject within schools because of its pros and cons. It could cause contradiction and problems within the school’s student and faculty, but it could also improve grades and enthusiasm within the student body. The Internet is a part of our everyday lives. Even at young ages kids are beginning to explore the digital world. Even though social media could bring productive results within the school’s academics, it can also be a big risk.

The fear of sexual predators and internet bullying constantly bother parents and faculty members. Eric Sheninger, principal of New Milford High in New Jersey states, “It is what these students have known their whole lives. They’re connected, they’re creating, they’re discussing, they’re collaborating.” Our society is based on the digital world and the use of technology is a constant factor. In some schools teachers are using Google Docs to publish announcements and assignments for their students.

Social Media is springing up in our school more than we are aware of. Ms. Abdul, the school librarian, is working on her own project. There has been talk of a Facebook page for the Albany High library. When asked about her feelings on mixing social media and education in a recent interview, her response was “It’s a way to get a lot of information out in a short amount of time.” She also stated, “A way to keep the kids informed of everything the library has to offer.” Students of Albany High miss out on plenty of opportunities because they’re not aware of them. Teenagers spend ninety-five percent of their time on the Internet between their phones, IPods and computers.

Social media could, in time, transform Albany High into a tech savvy high school. Our new hint of social media is a work in process but it would be the first step Albany High School as a community takes into the Digital World.