You Can't Hide That Falcon Pride!

NFL: Week Eight Doesn’t Disappoint

Munthir Chater, Staff Writer

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The Packers versus the Falcons. The Bengals and the Redskins. The Patriots back at the Bills. These were some games best showcased from week eight.

The 4-2 Packers were at the 4-3 Falcons. The game proved to be unpredictable and tight. By the half, the Packers were up 24- 19. But the Falcons caught up, ultimately winning the game, 33-32. Aaron Rodgers was 28 for 38, a total of 246 yards and four touchdown passes. Matt Ryan was 28 for 35 for 288 yards and 3 touchdown passes.

The 4-3 Redskins went against the 3-4 Bengals in London. After four quarters of battle, the game was brought into overtime when both teams held a score of 27-27. Overtime proved unsuccessful for both teams however, as the Redskins had an opportunity to win the game but failed to do so after a missed 34 yard field goal. The Bengals failed to then take advantage of the situation after a fumble at the 47 yard line. The game ultimately ended in a tie, 27-27, the second time a tie has occurred this season. Kirk Cousins was 38 for 56 for 458 yards and 2 touchdown passes. Andy Dalton was 27 for 42 for 284 yards and one touchdown pass.

The 6-1 Patriots were set against the 4-3 Bills. After the Patriots’ humiliating defeat to the Bills in week four, the Patriots were out for revenge. By halftime, the Patriots were up 24-10. And by the end of the game, the Patriots had gotten revenge, winning with a score of 41-25. Tyrod Taylor was 19 for 38 for 183 yards. Tom Brady was 22 for 33 for 315 yards and four touchdown passes. Blount, Gronkowski, Hogan, Edelman, and Amendola each had a touchdown.

Other games include the Saints against the Seahawks, in which the Seahawks were defeated with a final score of 25-20. The Saints are now 3-4 and the Seahawks are now 4-2-1.

The Jets beat the Browns after an impressive comeback in which they were down 20-7 by halftime. They prevented a humiliating loss to the lifeless Browns winning with a final score of 31-28, making themselves 3-5 and bumping the Browns down to 0-8.

The Raiders and Buccaneers fought passed the fourth quarter. The game was brought into overtime, in which the Raiders won 30-24. This brings the Raiders to 6-2.

And on Sunday Night Football, the Cowboys and Eagles were set against each other. This game also proved intense, going into overtime as well. The Cowboys took the win with a touchdown, setting their record to 6-1. The Eagles are 4-3.

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You Can't Hide That Falcon Pride!
NFL: Week Eight Doesn’t Disappoint