School Update: What is Fourth Quarter Going to Look Like?


Hailey Krasnikov, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Every Albany High School student has this question on their mind right now: “What’s going on with Fourth Quarter, and what will it look like?”

As a senior, I must admit I am quite interested to find out how I will be ending my high school career. The instructional model survey for Q4 recently closed, and as someone who chose to try out the hybrid option for next quarter, like others, am waiting to hear what that will look like.

ENL/ELL students have now gained approval to begin hybrid instruction, and this seems to be a good sign. In combination with on-site labs and certain on-site Abrookin programs it seems that Albany High is very slowly returning to normal. We still have a long way to go, but the safety of students and their health seems to be the district’s priority (as it should be). Hopefully, it can formulate an hybrid option that includes everyone who desires to come back to school, while keeping everyone healthy and safe. This is also subject to CDC guidelines and their coronavirus restrictions on schools, so as those begin to dissolve, things will get better.

The district has not announced much about what hybrid will look like, however it has stated the number of students who wish to come back will impact their plans. On the district’s website, it states that “Through Thursday, parents and guardians had completed the selection process for 1,374 students, with 933 opting for a hybrid instructional model when the fourth marking period begins April 26.” Although it is clear that the majority of students (who completed this survey) want to come back, It is important to remember that the fully distanced learning model will still be available¬† for those who would prefer to continue learning virtually.

As April is approaching decisions need to be made, and I will keep you updated on what fourth quarter could bring us as those decisions are finalized by the Albany City School District.

2020 was a crazy year, so let’s hope 2021 goes much more smoothly for us all.