Put Some Spring In Your Step

Kiya Hudson, Arts & Entertainment Editor

 The transition from winter to spring has the weather going crazy. With the temperatures shifting from an odd April of 90 degrees to chilly early May temperatures in 30’s, your immune system may be suffering but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to. You don’t have to go out and buy an entire new closet full of clothes either. There are many different ways to slowly transition into the warmer weather with little stress on your wallet.

Buy some basics. You probably already have most of these things in your closet. Basics are those go to pieces of clothing that go with everything and can be worn in any weather. Walking through the halls I see almost everyone owns a jean jacket. They go with everything and they are a perfect item of clothing for this transition.  A plain white tee, a jean button up, light-weight solid color cardigans, and at least three pairs of flattering denim jeans are necessities. These items can serve as the base of any outfit.

Now that you have some basics add some bold prints and bright colors to give your wardrobe a spring vibe.  These are called your statement pieces.  A statement piece doesn’t have to be clothing it can be an accessory or a pair of shoes. Neon accessories are trending now.  Pair your plain tee and denim jeans with a neon pink belt and an assortment of brightly colored bangles, if it’s breezy that day throw on one of those solid colored cardigans and you have a simple, but not understated outfit.  When looking for statements pieces buy whatever print or color catches your eye. Whether it is floral jeans, a striped cardigan, high-lighter yellow sandals or checkered vans, a statement piece is any print or color you’re bold enough to try.

Any light jacket that can keep you warm on the windy days, dry on the rainy days, and won’t smother you or be a hassle to carry around on the warmer days, are the aim during this transition.  Buy a well-made trench coat or wind breaker that you can use every spring from now on, this is called an investment piece.  Every smart shopper knows when the weather changes that means it’s time to make some investments.  It may be expensive or a little out of your price range but if you’re still using it three years from now, then it’s worth it.

Follow these guidelines and you will certainly turn heads this spring!